Inter maths solutions for Three Dimensional Coordinates exercise 5(b)

Three Dimensional Coordinates solutions Inter exercise 5(b) Intermeduate Mathematics 1B Chapter 5 Three Dimensional Coordinates Exercise 5(b) textbook solutions are given. First you sytudy the textbook lesson very well. Then observe the example problems and solutions given in the textbook. The keypoints in the lesson are very important. Observe the solutions given below and try [...]

Three Dimensional Coordinates,Intermediate first year 1B chapter 5 problems with solutions

THREE DIMENSIONAL COORDINATES INTERMEDIATE FIRST YEAR 1B CHAPTER 5 PROBLEMS WITH SOLUTIONS Mathematics intermediate 1a and 1b solutions  for some problems are available here. These are very simple to understand. Inter first year 1a : Functions, mathematical inductions, addition of vectors, product of vectors and trigonometry. Inter first year 1b : Locus, transformation of axes, the straight line, [...]