Equations Exercise B CA foundation maths solutions

CA foundation maths solutions for Chapter 2 Equations Exercise B are given.

You should study textbook lesson Equations very well.

You should practice all examples which are given in the textbook.

CA foundation maths solutions


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Chapter 2 Exercise B Equations CA foundation maths solutions

CA foundation maths solutions

Chapter 2

Exercise B

1. The sum of two numbers is 52 and their difference is 2. The numbers are

2. The diagonal of a rectangle is 5 cm and one of its side is 4 cm its area is

3. Divide 56 into two parts such that three times the first part exceeds one third of the second by 48. The parts are

4.The sum the digits of a two digit number is 10. If 18 be subtracted from it the digits in the resulting number will be equal. The number is

5. The fourth part of a number exceeds the sixth part by 4. The number is

6. Ten years ago the age of father was four times of his son. Ten years after the age of father will be twice that of his son. The present ages of the father and the son are

7. The product of two numbers is 3200 and quotient when the larger number is divided by the smaller is 2. The numbers are

Solutions CA foundation maths chapter 2 Exercise B

8. The denominator of a fraction exceeds the numerator by 2. If 5 be added to the numerator the fraction increases by unity. The fraction is

9. Three persons Mr. Roy, Mr. Paul and Mr. Singh together have ₹. 51. Mr.Paul has ₹. 4 less than Mr. Roy and Mr. Singh has got ₹. 5 less than Mr. Roy. They have the money as

10. A number consists of two digits. The digit in the ten’s place is 3 times the digit in the unit’s place. If 54 is subtracted from the number two digits are reversed. The number is

11. One student is asked to divide a half of a number by 6 and other half by 4 under then to add the two quantities. Instead of doing so the student divides the given number by 5. If the answer is 4 short of the correct answer then the number was

12. If a number of which the half is greater than 1/5th of the number by 15 then the number is

Note : You should observe the solution. You will be try them in your own way.

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