Ncert Maths solutions for Class 6 chapter 7 exercise 7.4 Fractions

Solutions for Class 6 Ncert Maths chapter 7 Fractions exercise 7.4 are given.

First study the textbook lesson Fractions very well.

Observe the example problems and solutions given in the textbook. Try them well.

Observe the given below solutions and try them in your own method.

1. Knowing our numbers

2. Whole numbers

3. Playing with numbers


Exercise 7.1

Exercise 7.2

Exercise 7.3

Exercise 7.4


Class 6 Chapter 7 Fractions exercise 7.4 solutions Ncert

Chapter – 7


Exercise 7.4


Exercise 7.4 Fractions class 6 solutions Ncert

Solutions for Fractions exercise 7.4 class 6th ncert

Note : Observe the solutions and try them in your own method.

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