Inter Maths 1A Solutions for text book

Intermediate Mathematics 1A text book exercises solutions are given.

Study the text book lessons very well.

Practice the example problems and solutions given in the text book.

Observe the given solutions and try them in your own method.

Maths Solutions for Inter text book Exercises



Exercise 1(a)

Exercise 1(b)

Exercise 1(c)

2. Mathematical Induction

Exercise 2(a)

3. Matrices

Exercise 3(a)

Exercise 3(b)

Exercise 3(c)

Exercise 3(d)

Exercise 3(e)

Exercise 3(f)

Exercise 3(g)

Exercise 3(h)

Exercise 3(i)

Text book Solutions for Inter Maths 1A


4. Addition of Vectors

Exercise 4(a)

Exercise 4(b)

5. Product of Vectors

Exercise 5(a)

Exercise 5(b)

Exercise 5(c)

Telugu Akademi text book Maths 1A Inter solutions


6. Trigonometric Ratios up to Transformations

Exercise 6(a)

Exercise 6(b)

Exercise 6(c)

Exercise 6(d)

Exercise 6(e)

Exercise 6(f)

7. Trigonometric Equations

Exercise 7(a)

8. Inverse Trigonometric Equations

Exercise 8(a)

9. Hyperbolic Functions

Exercise 9(a)

10. Properties of Triangles

Exercise 10(a)

Exercise 10(b)

Note : Observe the solutions and try them in your own method.

You can see the solutions for junior inter maths 1A for examination purpose

1. Functions

2. Matrices

3. Addition of vectors

4. Product of vectors

5. Trigonometric ratios upto transformations 1

6. Trigonometric ratios upto transformations 2

7. Trigonometric equations

8. Inverse trigonometric functions

9. Hyperbolic functions

10. Properties of triangles

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