Inter maths solution for exercise 6(b) first year

Intermediate first year mathematics solutions for trigonometric ratios upto transformations exercise 6(b).

The solutions are very easy to understand.

You can also see the solutions for inter maths for examination purpose.

 Inter first year 1a and 1b solutions are also available here.

Inter maths 1A

 1. Functions

2. Mathematical induction

3. Matrices

4. Addition of vectors

5. Trigonometric ratios upto transformations 1

6. Trigonometric ratios upto transformations 2

7. Trigonometric equations

8. Inverse trigonometric functions

9. Hyperbolic functions

10. Properties of triangles

You can also see the solutions for 1b

1. Locus

2. Transformation of axes

3. Straight lines vs

The straight line sa

Straight lines la

4. Pair of straight lines

5. Three dimensional coordinates

6. Direction cosines and direction ratios

7. The plane

8. Limits and continuity

9. Differentiation

10. Errors and approximations

11. Tangent and normal

12. Rate measure

13. Mean value theorems

14. Maxima and minima

You can see the solutions for maths IIA inter

 1. Complex numbers

2. De Mouvre’s theorem

3. Quadratic expressions exercise 3(a)

Exercise 3(b)
Exercise 3(c)
4. Partial fractions

5. Random variables and prabability distributuos

Trigonometric ratios upto transformations solutions for exercise 6(b) inter 1A


Note :

Observe the solutions and try them in your own methods

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