Applications of Derivatives exercise 10(f) Solutions Inter ( class 11 maths)

Intermediate Mathematics 1B Applications of Derivatives exercise 10(f) textbook solutions are given.

You should study the lesson Applications of Derivatives very well.

You should also practice the example problems and solutions given in the textbook.

Observe the given below solutions and try them in your own method

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Exercise 10(f) Solutions Applications of Derivatives ( class 11 maths)

Class 11 math solution (1st Inter maths 1B solutions)

Chapter 10

Applications of Derivatives

Exercise 10(f)

Verify Rolle’s theorem for the following functions.

i. x^2 – 1 on [-1, 1].

ii. sin x – sin 2x on [ 0, π]

Applications of Derivatives solutions exercise 10(f) Inter

3. Show that there is no real number k, for which the equation x^2 – 3x + k = 0 has two distinct roots in [0, 1].

Inter 1st year maths 1B Applications of Derivatives solutions

Note : Observe the solutions and try them in your own method.

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