Mean Value Theorems solutions, Inter first year Mathematics problems with solutions ( class 11 maths)

Mathematics Intermediatefirst year 1B solutions for some problems.

These solutions are very simple to understand.

You should study the textbook lesson Applications of Derivatives very well.

Textbook exercise solutions links are also given.

Applications of Derivatives

Exercise 10(a)

Exercise 10(b)

Exercise 10(c)

Exercise 10(d)

Exercise 10(e)

Exercise 10(f)

Exercise 10(g)

Exercise 10(h)

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Mean value Theorems solutions, Inter maths 1b. ( Class 11 maths)

Class 11 math solution (Inter 1st year maths 1B)

1. Verify Rolle’s theorem for the function y = f(x) = x^2 + 4 in |-3|.

2 . Verify Rolle’s theorem for the following function x^2 – 2 on |- 1, 1|.

Note : Observe the solutions and try them in your own methods.

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2. Transformations of axes

3. Striaght lines vs

The straight lines sa

Straight lines la

4. Pair of straight lines

5. Three dimensional coordinates

6. Direction cosines and direction ratios

7. The plane

8. Limits and continuity

9. Differentiation

10. Errors and approximations

11. Tangent and normal

12. Rate measure

13. Mean value theorems

14. Maxima and minima 

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