Tenth maths guide for polynomials, exercise 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.

Tenth class mathematics solutions for text book problems. These are very easy to understand.

Maths solutions for 10th class Andhra pradesh and Telangana.

SSC maths solutions for chapter 3 polynomials.

You can also see the solutions for

1. Real numbers

2. Sets

3. Polynomials

4. Pair of linear equations in two variables

5. Quadratic equations

6. Progressions

7. Coordinate geometry

8. Similar triangles

9. Tangents and Secants to a Circle

10. Mensuration

11. Trigonometry

12. Applications of trigonometry

13. Probability

14. Statistics

Solutions for class 10 maths chapter 3


Exercise 3.1


SSC maths polynomials solutions

Exercise 3.2




Graphs : i, ii,   , iv, v

Graph i

Graph ii

Graph iii

Graph iv

Graph v

Maths class X polynomials solutions

Exercise 3.3

10th class maths polynomials solutions

Exercise 3.4

Polynomials class 10 maths

Optinal exercise

Some more solutions







Note :

Observe the solutions and try them in your own methods.

Inter maths solutions 1a

Inter maths solutions 1b straight lines

 Inter maths solutions 2a complex numbers

Ncert solutions for class vii factions and decimals

Ncert solutions for class viii exponents and powers

 You can see solutions for Inter Maths IIB

1. Circle

2. System of Circles

3. Parabola

4. Ellipse

5. Hyperbola

You can also see solutions for Inter Maths IIA

1. Complex numbets

2. De Moivre’s Theorem

3. Quadratic Equations 1

   Quadratic Equations 2

  Quadratic Equations 3

4. Theory of Equations

5. Permutations and Combinations

6. Binomial Theorem

7. Partial Fractions 

8. Measures of Dispersion

9. Probability

10. Random variables and Probability Distribution

For examination purpose you can see

Complex numbers

De Moivre’ s Theorem


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