Mensuration solutions class 10 maths ssc

SSC maths mensurations solutions for class 10 exercise 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 are given.

Study the text book very well. Observe the example problems and solutions.

The given solutions are very easy to understand. Observe the solutions and try them in your own method.

You can see the text book solutions for 

1. Real numbers

2. Sets

3. Polynomials

4. Pair of linear equations in two variables

5. Quadratic equations

6. Progressions

7. Coordinate geometry

8. Similar triangles

9. Tangents and Secants to a Circle

10. Mensuration

11. Trigonometry

12. Applications of trigonometry

13. Probability

14. Statistics

SSC maths class 10 Mensurations solutions

Exercise 10.1 class 10

Tenth maths guide for maths mensuration ssc

Exercise 10.2

Class X maths solutions for mensuration

Exercise 10.3

10th maths mensuration solutions

Exercise 10.4

Optional Exercise

Note :

Observe the solutions and try them in your own methods.

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1. Circle

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1. Complex numbets

2. De Moivre’s Theorem

3. Quadratic Equations 1

   Quadratic Equations 2

  Quadratic Equations 3

4. Theory of Equations

5. Permutations and Combinations

6. Binomial Theorem

7. Partial Fractions 

8. Measures of Dispersion

9. Probability

10. Random variables and Probability Distribution

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Complex numbers

De Moivre’ s Theorem

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Exercise 1(a)

Exercise 1(b)

Exercise 1(c)

Mathematical Induction

Exercise 2(a)


Exercise 3(a)

Exercise 3(b)

Exercise 3(c)

Exercise 3(d)

Exercise 3(e)

Exercise 3(f)

Exercise 3(g)

Trigonometric Ratios up to Transformations

Exercise 6(a)

Exercise 6(b)

Exercise 6(c)

Exercise 6(d)

Exercise 6(e)

Exercise 6(f)

Trigonometric Equations

Exercise 7(a)

Inverse Trigonometric Equations

Exercise 8(a)

Hyperbolic Functions

Exercise 9(a)

Properties of Triangles

Exercise 10(a)

Exercise 10(b)


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